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  • Ethiopian 'apology over textbook blunders'

    Ethiopia's Ministry of Education has apologised for mistakes in school textbooks, state-owned television has reported.

    The sixth grade English language textbook wrongly placed Ethiopia's highest mountain, Ras Dashen, in Tigray Regional State instead of the Amhara Regional State, it quotes an unidentified ministry official as saying.

    The official added that a map in a tenth grade textbook on nationality and ethics failed to show the correct location of regional states, the report added. 

    The sixth grade text book was published in 2004 and the tenth grade book in 2010. 

    It is unclear why the ministry has made the apology now, but Amhara has been one of the regions recently rocked by deadly protests against the government.

    Protesters have accused the government of political and economic marginalisation - a charge it denies. 

    There have been lots of reaction on Twitter to the apology. One tweeterer shared a picture of the Ras Dashen mountain. 

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  • A Young Ethiopian girl killed in a random Shooting


    A Young Ethiopian girl killed in a random Shooting.


    (Sept. 17/2016) Philadelphia: - Sara Beyan, 27, was sitting in a car with her boyfriend last Friday night, when a man came and shoot them multiple times. 


    Police said that, the shooter, named Glenn, was chased by a police car after he also shot a police officer in west Philadelphia. While he was running, he just stops and shoots to Sara Beyan and her boyfriend, who happen to be on the wrong place, wrong time. Sara's family came to the US from Ethiopia 25 years ago. Her father, Beyan Salah works for a parking company and her Mother Zehara Seid works as a house keeper in the university of Philadelphia.

    Sara was studying fashion design in a community College. Her boyfriend, whose name is not released, is in critical condition. Her father Beyan Salah said that he heard the shot, but he didnt expect it was for his daughter. R.I.P

    Source: Admas News

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  • Will the Release of Muslim Community Leaders from Prison Change Anything in Ethiopia?


    The Ethiopian government pardoned more than 700 prisoners in celebration of New Year's Day on the Ethiopian calendar and the Muslim holiday Eid. Among those released were people charged under the country's controversial anti-terror law. Critics of the law say it is used to stifle dissent and lock up political opposition members. Ustaz Kamil Shemsu was imprisoned in 2012 when many Muslims in Ethiopia protested what they said was government interference in their religious doctrine. He was sentenced to 22 years.

    "It's difficult to say I am happy because there are still other brothers left in prison," he told VOA Amharic. Prisoners were released from Kaliti, Dire Dawa, Ziway, Shewa Robit and Harer, as well as other prisons administered by the federal government in the Southern region, Tigray region and Amhara region. Hayatel Kubera was a freshman in college in Addis Ababa when she was arrested in 2012 and taken to an Ethiopian investigation center known as Maekelawi. She said she was arrested in relation to the Muslim protest movement and was still under investigation and awaiting trial at the time of her release.

    "The prison suddenly called us last week on Monday, along with men and one woman,” she said. “They told us that the government doesn't want you to be imprisoned so you will be released." Government media announced that the president signed the pardon for Muslim groups because they expressed regret, according to Ethiopian Prosecutor-General Getachew Ambaye.

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  • Issues to be Considered on the TPLF Central Committee critical evaluation

    by Walta Gebreslassie

    TPLF Central Committee is soon to start a critical evaluation. My message is stay focused on the fundamental issues, please! – the fundamental economic and political issues that are the root causes of the current crisis. Stop diagnosing the symptoms (i.e., master plan, kimant, konso, welkayet, narrow nationalism, chauvinism, etc - as these are derivative of the main root causes).


    Below are some of the issues that should be discussed:

    - Population Growth
    - Low Production in Agriculture and Manufacturing
    * Unemployment 
    * Income Inequality
    - Wastage and mismanagement of government resources 
    - National Bank of Ethiopia/Monetary Policies
    * Governance/Competency
    * Cash circulation
    ** Bond purchase scheme (27% requirement)
    ** Long-term lending restrictions (40/60)
    * Export regime
    * Foreign capital

    - Lack of good governance 
    * Rule of law
    * Accountability and Transparency (the need for for free media, institution based check & balance, separation of party and government).
    * Inclusiveness (others with different political views should have a role to play in the fate of the country). 
    - Eritrea (No more 'no war no peace' policy. An out of the box policy ought to be designed to serve our strategic economic and political interest. We need to start talking and negotiating with the Eritrean government).
    - Political leadership paralysis 
    * Lack of authoritative figure 
    * Lack of cohesive and committed leadership 
    * Rent seeking, opportunism, and incompetence



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  • 836 City Cabs Start Service in Addis

    The Ministry of Transport announces up to 836 imported city cabs in Addis Ababa officially started service today. The ministry said the starting of this taxi service is part of its measures to modernize and boost a good transportation service in Addis Ababa. The ministry added it supports around 26 taxi service associations in order to import 1163 cabs duty free.

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